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Come Join Us In One Of Our Local Perform Fairs.
2019 & 2020 Fairs and Markets Schedules

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501c3 Non-Profit – Proceeds % After Operating Costs go to Charitie


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Vintage Farmers Markets

Perform Fairs supports farm producers, local artisans/crafters, unique product developers; international food vendors, & musicians, bringing quality food, unique products & entertainment to your neighborhood, encouraging family participation in sustainable living & healthy food concepts. We encourage market strategies that bring fresh products to the marketplace.


Survive – Safety First Fairs

Global warming, unrest, international relations-prepping for all the possibilities. Keep your family & self safe preparing for, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, global warming, civil disorder, war, medical emergency preparedness & training, alternative transportation, shelters, FEMA evacuation & disaster route maps, civil defense shelters, emergency food, water, fishing, hunting gear, displaying Prepper RVs & mad max vehicles

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Vintage Christmas Fairs

Bringing a one stop shopping Christmas marketplace to your neighborhood, including Christmas trees, ornaments, make your own ornaments for the kids, lights, children’s toys, crafts, unique, gifts, musical instruments (including harps), Christmas wreaths (pre-made & make your own), a Christmas village, dickens characters, a living nativity, angels, caroling & Santa, and ice skating.


Vintage Arts & Crafts Shows

Fine arts: acrylic, & oil paintings; charcoal, pencil & pen drawings; photography: nature, portraits, modern; crafts: ceramics, stain glass, glass blowing, woodworking, clothing, purses, textiles, crafts using recycled materials, jewelry, candles, vintage bottles, vintage clothes, vintage accessories, & vintage hats.

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Sustain the Earth – Eco Fairs

Educating & providing eco friendly products to your neighborhood, organic farm products, bio degradable clothes, beauty and cleaning products, natural health remedies, alternative energy sources, alternative eco friendly transportation, alternative building materials, eco village booths, tiny houses, & education to reduce your families carbon footprint – take the movement local.

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Vintage Trailers & Tiny House Shows

The family holidays & road trips became more valued during the 30s & 40s. Perform Fairs displays vintage trailers from the 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s. We display tiny houses, tiny house eco villages, vintage motor cycles & vintage cars. We also include vintage trailer supply companies for the vintage trailer owners & vintage trailer renovation vendors.

Farm Fresh foods • Community Oriented • Sustainability


About Perform Fairs

Our Fairs

Perform Fairs supports family health, quality of life, and safety by conducting Fairs, Markets, and Shows that increase the effectiveness and sustainability of neighborhood life. Perform Fairs offers healthy food choices in Vintage Farmers Markets. We also present a separate eco-friendly marketplace option, including hands on experiments in ecology for the children. Our Company believes safety education helps families cope with potential disaster or emergencies. Perform Fairs conducts Survive – Safety First Fairs to educate and provide tools for surviving emergencies and disasters. We also conduct separate Christmas, Arts & Crafts, and Vintage Trailer & Tiny House Shows.

Mission Statement

Perform Fairs’ mission is to localize support for sustainability, promoting organic farms and farm product vendors who are working toward organic sustainable farm production. Perform Fairs utilizes eco conscious business practices..

Liability Insurance

Our Company carries commensurate Liability Insurance in the millions to protect our staff and customers. Each Fair, Market and Show requires a different level of Liability Insurance depending on the location, amount of vendors, expected attendance and property requirements. Our vendors, in addition, are each required to carry 2 million dollars of Liability Insurance per vendor

Human Rights Platform

Our platform and structure promotes Human Rights policies, procedures and processes. Perform Fairs runs a respectful marketplace supporting harmony in gender, race, religion, and creed; and our policies and procedures incorporate California Law supporting Human Rights; training our board, management, employees and vendors on safety, equality and conflict resolution. Our employee handbook is upgraded quarterly to include the new California rules for Human Rights.

International Food, Music and Dance

Perform Fairs promotes “Unity in Diversity” with International food booths, dance performances and music. Our Fair dance performances range from Bollywood dancing, to Spanish folk dancing, to European and Irish/English folk dancing, to American swing dancing or ballroom dancing exhibitions once a month. Our markets represent as many Countries as possible and cameo one Country a month.

Food Safety Requirements

Every Food Vendor is required to have a Health Permit, Business License and Retail License. Organic vendors are required to include Organic Certification seals in their booth and Certified Farm Producers permits. Our Farmers Markets are required to have both a Health Permit for operating the market and Certified Farmers Market permit status. The market also includes a Business License for the City location. We also meet all Food and Safety County Requirements.

Safe Operations

All Perform Fairs employs security guards, and security checks as customers enter the Fair, Market or Show. There are child safe fenced areas of our Fairs, Markets and Shows, where a teacher attendant assures child safety. Night operations have ample safe lighting. All Fairs, Markets and Shows have at least a Director, Manager and Assistant Manager. For larger Fairs, Markets or Shows Perform Fairs employs multiple Managers.

Child Safe Fairs, Markets and Shows

A safe children’s education and hands on fenced space is always provided at our Fairs. We promote hands on ecology experiences, gardening, and hands on crafts booths for the children in our market. We also promote children’s theater, music and puppet shows relating to the Fair subject matter for children’s education. There is a special safe place in the Hearts of our Fairs, Markets and Shows for Children. All Perform Fairs employs security guards, and security checks as customers enter the Fair, Market or Show. There are child safe fenced areas of our Fairs, Markets and Shows, where a teacher attendant assures child safety. Night operations have ample safe lighting. All Fairs

Non Profit Proceeds

Perform Fairs donates our net proceeds after operating expenses to educational institutions, eco-friendly projects, other non-profits, and City/County favorite charities and projects.

Grow With Us!

Providing your neighborhood with farm fresh food, holiday one stop shopping, eco friendly market place, safety preparedness, support for the arts and music and walk thru vintage trailer and tiny house movement shows.

Markets and Fairs Schedules

Vintage Farmers Markets

Ali's Events Hall

3420 W. Jefferson Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 80018

Every Friday

Grand Opening

May 9th  2018

1:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Vintage Christmas Fair

Huntington Beach, CA

Address to be

announced soon

Dec. 15th and Dec. 16th


Vintage Christmas Fair

Great Park, Irvine, CA

Address to be

announced soon

Dec. 15th and Dec. 16th

Dec. 22nd and Dec. 23rd


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Christmas Fairs
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Sustain the Earth – Eco Fairs

Great Park, Irvine, CA

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